Thanks for the music & David Bowie Art Showcase

Serie of portraits (2014-24)

Installation: Portraits on secondhand Lp sleeves, vinyl foil, vinyl music player, light letters & purpurin (2014-24).

Self-created LP sleeves that visualize different facets of the iconic rockstar David Bowie and at the same time represent a kind of human stereotype and an alter-ego. 

An innovative technique is employed by integrating tools and materials from graphic design, particularly utilizing vinyl foil, commonly used in typographic design for signage on shop windows, cars, and buildings. Vinyl is skillfully merged with this technique with playful collages and compositions.

The installation took part in the first phase of the Sihlhalle (hosted by David Schildknecht). And afterwards there were modified versions of the exhibiton at the Rote Fabrik, X-tra Club, Basis Lager, Blutt Records, Plattenbörse and at Volkshaus Zurich.