Ask your pillow

Installation, Kornschütte, Fumetto Festival, 2015

“Consúltalo con la almohada / Ask your pillow / Frag deinen Kissen”. Installation: Pillows (2015). A popular phrase in the Spanish language is “consultar con la almohada”, which means “ask your pillow” or to sleep over it, to think about it and decide it later. So each pillow acts as a counselor. The shown messages are written in German, English, or Spanish, which are some of the artist’s used languages and are ironic, funny, joyful, tragic or spiritual messages. The visitors could interact with the work filling small paper printed pillows with sentences, drawings … and the results were shared online. Exhibiting an intimate object like a pillow also did set questions such as defining the limit of the own privacy and intimacy.The 15 pillows were exhibited at the Kornschütte during the Fumetto Festival in Lucerne 2015.